In Game NFTs


Move indicates how many action points it costs for every hex tile the character crosses. Each squad shares a fixed number of action point. These do not regenerate fully every turn, but recover slowly.


Health indicates how much damage Draculi can take before dying.


Attack indicates how much damage Draculi deals, multiplied by an integer associated with its bite move. The multiplier is not stored on the NFT, so it can be altered for balancing purposes.


In Occulta Novellia, characters are deployed in squads with an  average capacity of 4 slots, but this can vary for each map. The slot indicates how much space Draculi take within a squad.


Attributes are stored as a string array on the NFT. The attributes are interpreted into a combination of activated and passive abilities. This interpretation is subject to change based on the version of the game client or mods, for balancing purposes.


There are multiple possible progressions for a class. If  "Cannibal Draculi" and "Pack Draculi" are both stage 2 characters, either can be chosen as the stage 1 Draculi's progression. This must be decided prior to the start of the match, during staging phase.
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