Occulta Novellia is a turn-based strategy game set in a surreal horror multiverse. Each new set of collectibles being released to incorporate new short stories, building up the many facets of it.


Players have full ownership of game characters as NFTs in their Cardano wallets. One can play with them in single player and multiplayer modes, or trade them at a marketplace.
For extensive details on Occulta Novellia as well as our decentralized game store, Novellia, check out. our white paper.


All NFTs are generated by immutable minter contracts, deployed once.
Metadata is stored on Cardano.
Large files such as illustrations of NFT characters are stored on IPFS or similar technology.
All NFTs are exposed for third-party usage (wallets, games, dApps) via an SDK.


In game assets are non-custodial
Developers do not have the capacity to devalue in-game assets for profit.
Developers cannot inflate or print assets for the purpose of eventually selling them.
Developers cannot fail to support proprietary software that must be
supported for assets to have value.
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